How often do you back up your critical company data?

Is your data still readable after an emergency e.g. a fire, break-in or water damage or is your data back up in a burnt out server room?

Are they stored in a separate room but are damaged by fire extinguishing measures e.g. water or fire gases?

According to a survey 20% of fires break out in the server room, the other 80% of damages on important company data occur in neighbouring rooms or above it. Through the immediate consequences of fighting the incident (e.g. fire water, pipe rupture, extinguishing agents) or through the damaging incident (e.g. fumes, heat, water or dust) your data on the server could be damaged and your back up media is destroyed or unusable.

With Back-up4you Korbach Computer & Netzwerk provides a comfortable and secure tool with which you can automatically save your data through your internet connection. The encoded data will be saved onto our security data centre and is therefore safe from any kind of data loss.

Simple and comfortable

You do not have to give the task to one of your employees who is going to back up your data if the employee is sick? Your data backup is done automatically therefore the backup can take place while your internet connection is not used or before your turn off your server at the end of the day.


Your data will be encoded with a strong cryptography (up to AES-448) on your computer before it is transferred over the internet to your back up server. The cryptography technology is more secure than the current online banking standard. For the decoding the password chosen is necessary. Keep it at a safe place because without this password the recovery is impossible.

In our data centre the date is saved onto one of our high performance servers. In addition a mirroring of the data on a backup server takes place in another, separate data centre. Therefore your data is still accessible even if the system or the data centre fails.

The version history protects you against accidentally changed or deleted data. Depending on the setting the software saves the old version of you data is that the original version of your data is still accessible after a few days. Back-up4you therefore also replaces the daily tape change.

Reasonably priced

You save the investment in expensive hardware and the running costs for the storage of your data. At the same time you increase your security by backing up externally. All this is available at a reasonable monthly rate: You only pay the memory space you actually used.

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